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Exploring the concepts of spiritual formation to become more like Jesus from the inside out.

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Episode 108 "How's That Working?"

Wednesday Mar 03, 2021

Wednesday Mar 03, 2021

The things we consume play a major role in determining who we are becoming. How's That Working for us? The typical ways we try to enact change in our societies only leads to more laws and not true change in character? How's That Working for us? The typical ways we present Jesus and his teachings seems to only lead to more division, laws, dogmas, etc., but no true change in the heart? How's That Working for us?
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Divine Conspiracy:

Tuesday Feb 23, 2021

So much of how we respond to life is simply based on our perceived reality. Jesus gave us principles that when applied help us to come to "know the truth" of a reality that transcends perspectives. These principles prove to be relevant and practical for us today.

Wednesday Jan 27, 2021

In this episode we talk about Dallas Willard, The Divine Conspiracy, and seeing Jesus as practical and relevant.
Walking Closer Youtube Channel

Episode 105 "From Misery to Life"

Wednesday Jan 20, 2021

Wednesday Jan 20, 2021

In this episode, I explain a little more about my story and why I have the approach I have with Walking Closer.

Episode 104 "Why Walking Closer"

Wednesday Jan 13, 2021

Wednesday Jan 13, 2021

For the first episode of 2021, I give an update on a new adventure with the podcast, I revisit the reasons behind this podcast, and tell you a little bit more about my own story. 
Walking Closer YouTube Channel

Monday Nov 16, 2020

If we want to make changes that stick, we need a process that puts us in a position to actually change. This episode explores such a process.

Tuesday Nov 10, 2020

Sometimes, our hearts are like junk drawers. They collect things over time that eventually keep us from being able to open them. You may have things in your heart that are holding you back because you haven't released them. 

Monday Nov 02, 2020

While the term "faith" is at the core of Christianity, there seems to be lots of ideas about what faith actually is. This episode looks at what faith is in light of its usage during the bible times and what it means to actually live by faith.

Monday Oct 26, 2020

In the final episode of this series, we bring it all together and show how we respond to the "graces" or "favors" we have been given. I also discuss how we are put into a unique position of being a benefactor of God's grace to others.

Monday Oct 19, 2020

There is language in the NT that ties us to the concepts of the Patron system, and yet, the language is used in a context that rises so far above the limitations of what a Patron would be expected to do. As such, it not only compares and contrast God to earthly Patrons,  it also put God in stark contrast to the gods of that time. 

Monday Oct 12, 2020

The NT is filled with complex narratives. Narratives where complicated social relationships unfold before our eyes. Today’s episode will continue to unpack some of these complexities.

Monday Oct 05, 2020

Understanding social structures can help the biblical text come alive. This episode looks at a biblical narrative in Luke 7 where the social context of Personal and Public Patronage is played out in the biblical text. 

Tuesday Sep 29, 2020

Did you realize the terms "grace and faith" were not particularly religious terms, but words which were used to describe a specific relationship between two people? This is where understanding social systems can be beneficial and can challenge our perspectives. 

Monday Sep 21, 2020

This episode shows how the concepts of "Challenge Riposte" are interwoven into the fabric of the "Honor Shame Society" of the biblical times.

Wednesday Sep 16, 2020

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