The Walking Closer Podcast

Exploring the concepts of spiritual formation to become more like Jesus from the inside out.


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The greatest power that Humans have is the power to choose. We all have our own personal wills, and we have the capacity to inititate those wills making our choices a reality. How we choose to utiliz...
October 6, 2017
This episode further exolores the mind, or thoughts and feelings, and the roles they play in a transformed mind.
September 22, 2017
We are looking at what the late Dallas Willard referred to as the six basic aspects of a human life. These aspects make up who we are as humans and are especially important to undetstand when it comes...
September 8, 2017
Why do we make the choices we make? Why do we say and do the things we do? How have we become who we are today? Every person's heart has been formed and shaped and it is from the heart that we live. ...
September 8, 2017
The Walking Closer Podcast is specifically focused on spiritual formation and transformation into Christ. The podcast introduces the host and the idea behind the podcast.
September 8, 2017